V/A: Bored Teenagers Volume 12 LP


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The 12th volume of this anticipated, highly collectable series features some long lost punk rock gems which have been undiscovered for over 40 years. The LP comes with an A5-size booklet.


Side A:
1. The XTensions – London
2. The XTensions – Hard Addict
3. The XTensions – Leave Us Alone
4. The XTensions – Suck It And See
5. The Mystery Girls – Put A Bag On Your Head
6. The Mystery Girls – Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
7. The Mystery Girls – You Do Too Much Talking
8. The Mystery Girls – Oxford Street
9. The Mystery Girls -Drofxo Teerts

Side B:
1. The Media – TV Kids (Demo)
3. The Media – Just For You (Demo)
3. The Media – Don’t Sit Back
4. St Matilda’s Boys – Don’t Stare
5. Snyde – Polyfilla
6. Snyde – Living In Langley
7. Snyde – Silicon Chip
8. The Famous Men – Down By The River (Is Where I Lost My Baby)
9. The Famous Men – What’s The Point?

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