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Here’s the Volume 2 of this mighty monster release – No Way Out! The real global garage rock barometer for the cream of the underground scene is back to take you onboard on the seven seas of garage disease. Grab the real deal! Just dip your toe in the water and let the tide take you under. An international compilation and limited edition of only 500 copies. Full sleeve notes and colourful poster inside, featuring 20 of the finest garage gems from round the world – Bands are from USA, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Israel and more. Mastered at Hypermonosonic Recordings, Nottingham, UK.TRACKLIST:1. THE TERRORSAURS – Monkey Tremolo (UK)2. BEAT RATS – No Good at Love (USA)3. BRAIN EATERS – Dixie Rose Lee (FRANCE)4. LAS VINYLATORS – Adicta (MEXICO)5. CHUCK VIOLENCE & HIS ONE MAN BAND – Just Because of You (BRAZIL)6. THE VOODUO – Blood Breast and Beast (USA)7. GIOBIA – Old Jim (ITALY)8. THE MEATBALLS – What is Wrong With You (ISRAEL)9. THE CREEPING IVIES – Shake It Up (UK)10. THE ENTHUSIASTS – Sweet Cyanide (USA)11. THE BLUE GIANT ZETA PUPPIES – The Light of the Moon (UK)12. TONGUE TIED TWIN – Getting Laid (SWITZERLAND)13. THE OUT KEY HOLE – Rusty Knives (ITALY)14. THE BRIMSTONES – Damaging My Calm (USA)15. THE COGS – CHEAP NIGHT OUT (ITALY)16. DYNAMITE PUSSY CLUB – Testify (UK)17. DEVILISH PIRANHAS – Yeah Yeah Yeah (FRANCE)18. THEE EVILTONES – Eyes (UK)19. LOS ESPELUZZNANTES – La Fosa (SPAIN)20. JJ & THE REAL JERKS – Hooky (USA)Buy on iTunes StoreBrowse these categories as well: Garage, Dead by Mono RecordsFind Us on Facebook

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