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1, 2, 3, GO! Finally!! The third volume of this mighty monster release! Another great selection of fantastic bands delivering some of the “wildestastic” sounds of the garage world! Grab the real deal!The cream of the underground scene is back to take you onboard through the seven seas of garage disease. Just dip your toe in the water and let the tide take you under.TRACKLIST:1. THE DELTICS – Raggedy Fool (UK)2. TINGLERZ – Fever Hell (USA)3. THE TYPES – Jail of Love (RUSSIA)4. LIGHT BULB ALLEY – Eye in the Sky (CANADA)5. THE MONOFONES – Alright (SWITZERLAND)6. THE HYBERNATORS – 40 Days (AUSTRALIA)7. PUSSYCAT & THE DIRTY JOHNSONS – Vampire Sugar (UK)8. THE DEAD ROCKS – Surfista Sagaz (BRAZIL)9. SHEETAH ET LES WEISSMULLER – Elle N’Aime Qu’Elle Meme (FRANCE)10. THE CRYPTICS – Jitterbuggin (UK)11. LOS JOVENES SALVAJES – No Molestes (MEXICO)12. THE RAG N BONE MAN – Savage (UK)13. THE LIZARDMEN – Skintight (USA)14. X-RAY VISION – Immotronic (FRANCE)15. AUTORAMAS – Abstrai (BRAZIL)16. THE NORLISS TAPES – A Trip to the Moon (SWEDEN))17. BRUTO AND THE CANNIBALS – Wild Wild World (PORTUGAL)18. NERVOUS TWITCH – Bad Reputation (UK)19. LOS AGRADABLES – Los Monstruos Del Garage (MEXICO)20. BOB URH & THE BARE BONES – Hell Revised (USA)Buy on iTunes StoreBrowse these categories as well: Garage, Dead by Mono RecordsFind Us on Facebook

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