FRENCH BOUTIK: Mieux Comme Ça 2x 7″


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The 4 tracks on Mieux Comme Ça bounce effortlessly from RnB to Psyche to Powerpop, all with French Boutik’s trademark blend of male/female vocals and drenching harmonies. The sharp French & English lyrics perfectly punctuated by powerful and tasteful guitar, in-the-pocket drums, and percolating piano and organ. The title track Mieux Comme Ca sees the band venturing into more aggressive Powerpop territory with a punchy anti-Franglais anthem (‘c’est ta life’ – please make it stop!), followed up on Face B by the English composition End of the Line, a slow-cooking psychedelic early morning breakfast commute to distant Paris suburbs. The 2nd disque features La Vie en Couleurs, a melodic homage to the joyful marriage of convenience between advertising and corporate green-washing, backed by French Boutik’s surprising RnB flavoured take on the song Tiptoes, a Madness original and reworked in French to great effect, maintaining the suicide subject matter and taking the playful off-kilter stumble of Madness on a date to a Parisian dance cavern.


A. Mieux Comme Ca
B. End Of The Line
C. La Vie En Couleurs
D. Tip Toes

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