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“Erotic Biljan & His Heretics – H Is For Heretics: The essence of Heretics is garage-rock of the 60s the Sonics style with a touch of wild rhythm & blues and sharp proto-punk of the 70s, as well as the cult garage punk rock bands of the 90s such as New Bomb Turks and the legendary Scandinavian rock’n’roll bands such as the Nomads. This is world class rock’n’roll … ” by Aleksandar Dragas – JUTARNJI LIST, H IS FOR HERETICS album review


1. Rock’n’roll Revolution No.5
2. Valentine’s Day Massacre
3. No Ma’am
4. Silver Pieces
5. Tips From The Lips
6. Candy Man From Planet Tomorrow
7. Good Ass Bad Shoes
8. Hey Girl Hey Man (feat.Remi)
9. Sugar Sugar Honey Pot
10. Burnside Blues
11. Lupam Urlam (feat.Remi) (Bonus Track)

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2 reviews for EROTIC BILJAN & HIS HERETICS: H Is For Heretics CD


    “H is for Heretics”, has come out recently. The first single, “Rock’n’Roll Revolution No.5″ is a genuine school of rock and roll” – THE BEST CROATIAN SINGLES IN 2010. (No. 05.)

  2. Marija Lalic –

    “On their second album, Biljan and his heretics polished their garage sound, and with a lot of experience and gigs behind them they really sound great. This is a high quality combination of garage and modern rock, as are their guitar stunts. This album (and the band) shouldn’t be ignored by any fan of rock or furious riffs. As a guest on the album they have Remi from Elemental, who showed her new, exciting face in this collaboration.” Marija Lalic – , H IS FOR HERETICS album review

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