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Mensen are back with the long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed Delusions of Grandeur LP/CD (Gearhead RPM025, 2001). Letting no one forget where these girls call home, Oslo City carries on the tradition of quality Norwegian rock and roll, living up to the standards set by peers like Turbonegro and Gluecifer. There is a marked progression here in songwriting, delivery and production… it’s everything you love about Mensen plus so much more… prepare to ROCK, Oslo City style.


1. Keep Up!
2. One Minute Away
3. Move Over
4. Start Over Again
5. One Way Street
6. Bosnia
7. Piece of My Heart
8. Twenty-One
9. Hard Way
10. Night Before the Morning After
11. Sandy Starlight
12. Monday Morning Blues
13. I Stand Tall

Produced by Nicke Royale of THE HELLACOPTERS

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