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Emerging in 2004 with tight friends from seasoned bands such as punk rock legends Violent Society, thrash innovators Fisticuffs, skate-rock blazers Race to Die, indie rockers The Program and grind shredders Rue the Day, Superbuick quickly built a following in eastern Pennsylvania by successfully morphing all their unique styles into an “out for fun” Rock’n’Roll band, with no hang-ups and a “who gives a fuck” attitude about creating good music. Known for kick ass live shows; entertainment is paramount. They’re out to put the fun back into live rock-n-roll music. Influenced heavily by punk rock, gritty rock-n-roll, hardcore and skateboarding, Superbuick takes the catchy qualities of rock and blends it with the rawness of punk, creating a musical cocktail proven to stimulate adult audiences, as well as, establish a strong youth following.


1. Woody
2. Day to Day
3. Blackout Blues
4. Blazin
5. Sped
6. Manor And Pearl
7. Kill Me Explicit
8. I Confess
9. Split
10. Madre Maria
11. Skater To The Grave

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