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If you just dip deep enough into the grotto of 80’s garage-punk you’ll still find some incredible treasures of this genre. It certainly needs to get introduced to all you garage heads around the globe. One of these ‘lost jewels’ are the WOODY PEAKERS from Pordenone, Italy. This release, compiles their 1988 LP , 1990 EP and 5 previously unreleased songs, which is nearly all of the group’s recorded output. The guys deliver their 100% pure 66 US teen punk, like the 70’s never happened, while avoiding all the comic book trappings that plagued so many 80’s revival bands. They successfully tackle the Love, the Squires, Gonn, the Remains, The 5 Canadians and more, but the real merit of this collection is the band’s own songs. All of the tracks are strong compositions, that wouldn’t be out of place in a Pebbles or a Back From the Grave volume. They span all the range of garage music, from frantic r&b stompers, to moody folk punk, to fuzz monsters. Highly Recommended.


1. It’s A Crying Shame
2. Firestone
3. She’s Going On
4. Ricordarmi
5. Bad Song
6. Shake My Colours
7. Killer Baby
8. Beat Solution
9. Route 66
10. Writting On The Wall
11. Message To Pretty
12. Blackout Of Greately
13. I Need
14. I Believe
15. Going All The Way
16. Yeppa Yeppa
17. Out Of Mind
18. She’s The One
19. Don’t Tell Me
20. Dear Freddy
21. Out Of Mind (Alt. Mix)

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  1. Francisco Ribeiro

    “It is not a return, but a fair revival of memory, the Screaming Apple release in good time “Beat Solution”, a register in compilation skill, that joins the album “Have You The Nerve To Face…”[Vinyl Salvage Records 1988], the EP “Going All The Way”[Peak Records 1990] and five “bonus tracks”. Apart from the extraordinary original loaded of “mod-fuzzed” and “teen-beat-punk”, we find covers from The Gentlemen “It’s a Cry’n Shame”, “Route 66” of Bobby Troup, “A Message to Pretty” of Arthur Lee (Love), Gonn, Dr. Spec’s Optical Illusion, among others. Essential for anyone who enjoys a pure and authentic “garage-punk” of the 60’s.” Francisco Ribeiro, Rock Around the Blog

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