THEE EVILTONES: In the Shadow of the Beast CD


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“In The Shadow of the Beast” CD is a 13 track artillery of savagely raw, yet soulful tunes that encapsulates everything Thee Eviltones have strived to create from their twisted sadistic minds. (Bonus track on the LP)

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Tattered, torn and covered in the blood of a thousand demons, Thee Eviltones are the fearsome four horsemen of Apocalyptic Garage rock. Bound by a love of garage rock and influenced by 60s soul, surf rock and punk, they provide a grooving soundtrack for stories of horror and terrifying dreams.


1. Into The Shadow
2. La Bestia
3. Thee Eviltones
4. Feel The Fear
5. Smoke And Mirrors
6. Eyes
7. Detainees
8. Monster Must Diee
9. Paint It Black
10. Omen
11. Pervirella
12. Set Me On Fire
13. Monkey Tree

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