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*Remastered sound in original mono sound.
*Original artwork in heavy cardboard sleeve + OBI.
* Four pannel colour insert with liner notes in English/Spanish by Miguel Navarro and rare photos!

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Originally released in 1966, Shakers “For You” was the second LP by Los Shakers, the legendary beat/pop band from Uruguay. An album clearly influenced by Help!, Rubber Soul and Revolver, but showing a band that were more than mere copycats, offering some revolutionary compositions and influences such as bossa-nova. The songs on Shakers “For You” take us through incredible musical mixtures that, while keeping a strong early/mid Beatles feel, give us clues of what would come later in pop music with psychedelia just around the corner. This is the first ever vinyl reissue of one of the greatest beat LPs from the 1960s. Here are Los Shakers… For You!


A1. Nunca Nunca (Never Never)
A2. El Niño Y Yo (The Child And Me)
A3. Escucha Mis Palabras (Hear My Words)
A4. Buscando Dificultades (Picking Up Troubles)
A5. Demasiado Tarde (Too Late)
A6. Dejame Decirte (Let Me Tell You)

B1. ¿Tienes Algún Dinero? (Got Any Money)
B2. Encontrarás Otra Chica (You’ll Find Another Gal)
Sonrie Otra Vez (Smile Again)
B4. Vuelve Mi Amor (Reviens Ma Cherie)
B5. Siempre Te Esperaré (Waiting)
B6. Espero Que Les Guste 042 (I Hope You’ll Like It 042)

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