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Fourth album by the amazing and crazy Japanese Garage-Merseybeatles THE MINNESOTA VOODOO MEN has once again enriched our 60’s Rock’n’Roll-world: SHAKE YOUR MIND!, a well-chosen title for a musical firework that won’t allow you to stop dancing. You can expect some wild 60’s Beat paired up with Garage and Surf; besides fantastic and catchy original compositions it also contains two brilliant cover-songs. ‘Break it all’, originally by the Uruguayan Beatles-equivalent LOS SHAKERS, as well as ‘Everything’s alright’, a cover of THE MOJOS’ original which they translated into Japanese language, are both mind blowing cover versions by these energetic Asian madmen, which fit in perfectly among their versatile collection of Garage-/Merseybeat-hits with a powerful Japanese attitude. While they appear very stylish in their smart suits and chelsea boots, they deliver outstanding guitar solos, (legendarily playing during their wild lives hows while hanging upside down from a ceiling) and their sound has a rough wildness to it that one simply has to love.


A1. I Wanna Tell You
A2. Without Marcy
A3. Don’t Tell Me Lies
A4. Lambrettabillity’s GT200 (Honda 205)
A5. Everything’s All Right
A6. Break It All
B1. Love Me Please, Love Me DO
B2. Shake And Dance
B3. Mister Daylight
B4. Tut-Ankh-Amen
B5. If She Said Yeah
B6. No Matter

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