STRANGE FLOWERS: Aeroplanes In The Backyard LP


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Imagine an amalgam of a psychedelic R.E.M. and the Grapes of Wrath, and you’ve got the Strange Flowers from Italy. More straight-ahead rock than garage, their music is nevertheless flavoured with some way-out influences.
Check out the the title track, a pretty decent slice of psychedelia — with minimal effects. The Strange Flowers employ tremelo and wah-wah guitar with distortion (rather than fuzz and farfisa), for a melodic contemporary sound. If you’re looking for a more contemporary edged band with a very slight psychedelic edge, then these guys are perfect.


A1. Aeroplanes
A2. Tomorrow You`ll Be Alone
A3. Children Don`t Mind
A4. Yellow Of Sun
A5. Helen Says
A6. My Girl Goes Shine
B1. Flaming Mirrors
B2. Clouds Of Blonde Girls
B3. You Don`t Know
B4. Everyone Has A Spot In The Sunshine

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