• SOLD OUT! THE SINE WAVES 7" - Powerful Surf Instrumental...

  • The second volume of this mighty monster release. The real global garage rock barometer for the cream of the underground...

  • "In The Shadow of the Beast" LP is a 14 track artillery of savagely raw, yet soulful tunes that encapsulates everything Thee Eviltones have...

  • First volume of this twisted and sick international package. Seven seas of garage disease await for you on the other side.

30-SEPT-2014 - SOLD OUT!

The Sine Waves 7" is due to hit our headquarters at any moment. We are really happy and proud to announce that the limited edition of 50 copies is now SOLD OUT! (Only 5 days after the release date!) Thank you to all that rushed to get a copy!
Such pearl couldn't be left in the Ocean! Surf on!
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We are pleased to take part of this years Hockley Hustle Charitable Festival in Nottingham for a one day of music and arts. The festival is on the 19th of October (Sunday) and Dead by Mono Records stage is at Missoula Montana Bar & Grill in Hockley. Expect garage rock, power pop, punk rock and french gypsy swing! For regular updates join the event on Facebook.JOIN EVENT


Jack Oblivian, Memphis Garage-Rock’n’Roll-Blues-Punk Legend and his support band The Sheiks, also from Memphis,Tennessee, US will be playing in Nottingham for Dead by Mono Records Presents on the 1st September downstairs at Annie's Burger Shack. One of the 2 only dates available in the UK as part of their 2014 European Tour!
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