Thee Eviltones hail from Nottingham, UK and deliver prime garage stomp with masterful surf-punk guitar, raw vocals and a big bad hammerhead rhythm section pounding out the brutal and bloody backbeat to a concrete jungle call.

Worshipping and invoking the restless since 2007, they haunt ancestry that runs from the delta blues through 60’s garage into punk-rock; Thee Eviltones devilishly distil the myths and spectres from the dark side of rock’n’roll history into high-octane, prime slices of furious death-dance burn-out boogie.

The stage show is a super-charged molotov cocktail of spit, sweat and abandon. Short, sharp shocks to the head are delivered in a formidable and furious fashion as Thee Eviltones struggle to remain human in the grip of some voodoo freak-show fever. Possessed, obsessed and the best -dressed mess of the blues this side of the grave; shit your pants to the super-spooky sounds of Thee Eviltones.

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