LOS WAKAMONOS: 4 Fancy Eleki Hits!! 7″


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Los Wakamonos (The Young Men) are a demented “eleki” duo hailing from Okayama, Japan. Making their vinyl debut, the emperors of eleki’s wild A Go-Go garage & surf instrumentals will make your speakers squeal like a pig.Don’t know if they surf on Monster Island, but if they do, dollars would bet to donuts that Los Wakamonos are blasting out of every transistor radio along that beach. If you like treble squelching, fuzzed-out, reverb drenched guitar coupled with primitive, bombastic drums, check out these two-headed Beast from the East.This is a very limited edition 4 song EP mastered by the garage master himself, Tim Warren of Crypt Records.It is fuzz & reverb saturated head-first foray into the frothy depths of the primitive. Los Wakamonos are truly the emperors of Neo-eleki.


1. Blue Steamer
2. Life in Vain
3. Country Savage
4. V2

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