METALLICA: The $5.98 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited PUZZLE (500)


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“The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Re-Revisited” was Metallica’s first EP and the group’s first release following the death of bassist Cliff Burton. The record consists entirely of covers from late-‘70s and early-‘80’s new wave of British heavy metal bands and punk rock tracks. The band included the ‘$5.98’ in the title in an effort to ensure retailers did not overcharge fans. The cover which shows the band was also used as a basis for the “Garage Inc.” back cover. This artwork is now available as a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle printed on high quality board.

500 pieces 
Weight: 385g
Jigsaw size: 39cm x 39cm
Box size: 30.9cm x 30.9cm x 2.8cm