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From Lille in France come The Arrogants, the greatest teenage terrorist Garage Punks. This 7″ contains 4 original tracks which make this an instant classic.In the year 2014, you might expect young men at the tender age of 18 to be much like most other teenagers of their generation – to be more interested in video games and the hipster bands namechecked by Pitchfork and so on. But these particular young men have happily spent their teens investigating classic twentieth-century music: blues and rock’n’roll and especially the garage-rock and Rhythm’n’Blues from the sixties. And they decided they wanted guitars in their hands rather than consoles.The Arrogants have delved into the sounds of mod, garage rock, psychedelia, and blues, first as a 14-year-old duo, then as a 15-year old trio. . . and now with an organist, as a quartet, they are ready to be heard by the wider world. Whilst digging the sounds of the past, they have successfully developed their own repertoire, writing their own songs and gaining recognition in their home town by playing as support to their heroes The Pretty Things and appearing at the Lille Vintage Weekend in front of 15,000 strong crowds.TRACKLIST:A1. Mr DevilA2. We’re ArrogantB1. Drunky BluesB2. It’s An ExperienceBuy on iTunes StoreAvailable on Amazon

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