DADDS, THE: Idées Choc & Propos Chic CD


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The Dadds is a wildly 60’s garage band in which voluptuously melt the groove of British R’n’B’. Formed in 2002, The Dadds are able to combine English rock’n’roll with French pop music, everything kept at a rather retro level.The English rock elements show some parallels to The Buzzcocks, The Kinks, The Beatles and The Who, the French pop and rock side hints Les Problemes or Ronnie bird. This mixture of French and English influences is reflected in the vocals, too. There are eight songs in The Dadds’ native language and two songs in english.


1. De Musica Mediocrita
2. Comme Quoi Parfois La Démographie…
3. Les Filles, Le Jerk & Les Motos
4. Sexe à Pile
5. London Eye
6. L’Amour avec Fénelon
7. Passe-moi Ton Carnet
8. Le Bel Incompris
9. Ibère Hiatus
10. Are You Waiting For Me?

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