GHASTLY ONES, THE: Gears N’ Ghoulfinks 7″ (purple)


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The Ghastly Ones may not be forging new paths with their revved-up fuzzed-out hot rod and surf rock. It’s a retro genre that reached its apex back in the mid ’90s. But the path the band treads is a good one, solid and well-worn, a hike you don’t mind taking every now and again. This genre of music is appealing for the same reason that AMC’s hit show “Mad Men” is attractive: it calls up a romanticised era in American history, one that appears simpler and freer.Listening to the new Ghastly Ones seven-inch EP, “Gears n’ Ghoul Finks” conjures images of guys with good haircuts drinking beer and working on cars, Russ Meyer movies at the drive-in, kids on banana seat bicycles, when the world wasn’t as crowded and you could still afford to buy a house if you had a halfway decent job. It’s a pleasant enough fantasy. The Ghastly Ones hammer it home with a tight, forthright assault of guitars, drums and keyboards that is straight out of a Roger Corman biker movie. The limited EP, which comes on grape jam coloured vinyl, features two well-wrought instrumentals. Jason Gelt – Examiner.


1. Cargoyle
2. Raider’s Coach
3. Think Fink
4. Ghoulfink Stomp

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