MYSTREATED, THE: (What’s In) Your Mind Today 7″


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The Mystreated, one of the best known 60s garage bands on the circuit that can trace a pedigree that connects up with Kula Shaker. The Shaker’s Jay Darlington originally played with a group called the Sheds which were to reform as the Mystreated upon losing him to his own band Tilt-A-Whirl. Jay eventually ended up with the Kays who were to become Kula Shaker. So, if you can follow that, what we have here today is a strong, deep rooted band that do what they do best, with an authentic 60s purist sound that the scene just couldn’t live without. Taking in other bands en route, the Embrooks and Stewed are both connected to the mighty Mystreated! Grab yourself a piece of the action and be sure to add the latest in a long line of Mystreated releases to your collection.


1. (What’s In) Your Mind Today
2. I’ll Be There

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