ROUTES, THE: Do What’s Right By You 7″


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Japan’s best band is right here. With a sound that’s tough, breakneck yet soulful, there’s also real proper tunes coming from this trio. This is freaked-out 100mph fuzz-bucket guitar garage rock’n’roll, and all executed with more than the usual amount of frenziedly primitive zeal. It’s all delivered by people who actually know what they’re doing, who know how to play their instruments. This is no thrashing around garage-punk-by-numbers. A review of their debut album said: “Now, with most garage bands you get the impression that they suffer from a fondness for music equipment porn. Gotta get the right pedals, the right sound, the right mixing desk . . . not these guys. This is clearly a band with some amps, some instruments and a volume control set to loud. There’s bleed all over the place, the vocals are scratchy (in a punching-the-air way) and the drummer is tight’n’loose. This band is fuggin’ ace”. Not only that, but they’re clearly skilled musicians . . . not in a prog way of course . . that wouldn’t do. But the solos that leap outta each song could easily come from a vintage Yardbirds LP. “Do What’s Right By You” is a big crunchy blues punk stomp that’ll have the real garage-rock fans as well as the Johnny-Come-Lately types who swear by the White Stripes foaming at the mouth. A truly raucous romp of frenziedly frazzled greasy rhythm’n’blues wailing racket that cuts through all other current bands like a razor blade through butter. With their economy coming out of recession before most other countries, their cultural exports will soon be booming, with all things Japanese looking set to be the next big thing. You’d do well to jump on board now, grab your cool cred points, and be able to say, “We told you about ’em first!”


A. Do What’s Right By You
B. Love Like Glue

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