TYRANNA: Back of Baby 7″


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Whenever Toronto’s punk scene of the late 70s is discussed, it’s usually the Diodes and the infamous Viletones that get name-checked, while other important bands of the era are overlooked.In some cases, there are good reasons why groups that regularly played the main punk venues of the era like the Turning Point, Larry’s Hideaway and the Crash ’n’ Burn are now largely forgotten.Tyranna’s best work wasn’t released on singles at the time, and they rarely ventured outside the city during their brief run in 1978 and 79. This explains why the energetic pop-punk crew led by the snarly Vera “Rabies” Skye, who split bills with Iggy Pop, Jane County, the Members and the Dils, isn’t better known today.It may be 30 years too late, but Tyranna’s long-rumoured early demos, finally have been released by the Boppa Do Down label as a five-song 7-inch EP.


1. Back Off Baby
2. Revenge
3. Johnny
4. Shock Face
5. Neighbour

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