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Mind Destruction is pleased to present the first of 6 volumes of mega rare and incredibly sought after US garage and garage psych 45s contained in a full colour collectors box. It’s more than 50 years since these fantastic 7 inches were issued in miniscule quantities and despite the various online resources that make finding rare records much easier, the singles contained in this box set turn up infrequently and even when they do, they’re often in less than acceptable condition. If an intrepid collector was actually fortunate enough to track down these records, the cost of buying them would easily exceed £2500! Included here is The Beautiful Daze’s City Jungle Prt 1, which is a much longer and more interesting version than City Jungle Prt 2 which was later to feature on RPR’s release as well as Black Suit by The Iguana (later to become The Iguanas) and My Door by Zakary Thak, both of which are ranked amongst the elite of Texas garage singles.All are mastered from the original records to ensure the best possible sound quality.TRACKLIST:Creation’s DiscipleSide A: Psychedelic Retraction 2.40Side B: I’ll Remember 2.45The Beautiful DazeSide A: City Jungle Part 1 2.28Side B: City Jungle Part 2 3.42The DonnybrookesSide A: Time Will Tell 2.29Side B: You’re Gonna Cry 2.18The Hooterville TrolleySide A: No Silver Bird 2.40Side B: The Warmth Of Love 2.23The IguanaSide A: Black Suit 2.25Side B: Leaving You Baby 2.43The Zakary ThakSide A: My Door 3.35Side B: Green Crystal Ties 3.31

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