DEAD ROCKS, THE: Surf Explosao CD


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Full-length LP from premier Brazilian surf trio, THE DEAD ROCKS. While they’ve gone for spaghetti surf sound with previous releases, this one, as the title implies, is all about surf rock. What a way to celebrate ten years in the biz, with some of their absolute best recordings to date. In 10 year career the DEAD ROCKS from Brazil reached incredible success with his unforgettable performances, adding to its extensive curriculum hundreds of concerts, among them presentations in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, England, and Argentina and in almost all Brazilian territory. With more than ten releases, the band has featured in major media in Brazil and abroad, such as Globo, MTV Brazil, TV Cultura, ABC News, Transamerica, Eldorado FM, Kiss FM, and printed media as Folha de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Dynamite, Rock Press, Trip, TAM Magazine 100% Skateboarding and numerous citations in specialised sites, blogs and social networks.


Side A:
1. Johnny Crack Corn
2. Nas Ondas da Emocao
3. Jece Bagidonof
4. Les Yeux Noirs
5. Mr. Antonis
6. Baile na Matriz

Side B:
1. La Venganza del Chico Salvaje
2. Fingerboard
3. Vamonos
4. Surf Explosao
5. Surf Man

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