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Released to critical acclaim in 1987, King Diamond’s premiere epic concept album, “Abigail”, really put the ex-Mercyful Fate frontman on the map with his namesake project. Showcasing the singer’s signature falsettos and brimming with metal theatrics, “Abigail” tells the ill-fated story of Miriam and Jonathan La’Fey, a couple inhabiting an old family mansion riddled with ghosts foreshadowing the return of the tempered soul of baby Abigail. But it’s the “Black Horsemen” that act as the main messengers, and thus grace the cover of this dark tale.
Says King Diamond of the painting, “It was commissioned specifically for the album. Studio Dzyan read the story, read the lyrics and then from that came the cover. The horse-drawn carriage came from their drawings. We thought, ‘Wow, that could be a really cool motif,’ because ‘Black Horsemen’ is one of those main songs in that story. There were very little changes made before they started the painting; they could really visualize the story in a good way.”
This album has sold over 175,000 copies in North America alone and is now available as a 500 piece jigsaw.

500 pieces
Weight: 385g
Jigsaw size: 41cm x 41cm
Box size: 30.9cm x 30.9cm x 2.8cm