LAS KASETTES: ¡Qué Duro Es Veranear! 7″


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The official end of summer 2019 arrived with the new EP from Pamplona based duo LAS KASETTES. “¡Qué duro es veranear!” is comprised by 5 songs where bright and playful pop are the main stars. With two original songs, one giving the title to the EP, and “Salitre”, as well as covers of “Hey Monstruo” by Los Monstruos (which is, at the same time an adaptation of the classic “Hey mama keep your big mouth shut” by Bo Diddley), “That’s my guy” by Cheryl and Pam Johnson (now “Neandertal”) and “Time won’t let me” by The Outsiders (now “No puedo esperar”). Available now in a nice 7 inches sleeve design.


1. ¡Hey, Monstruo!
2. ¡Que Duro Es Veranear!
3. Neandertal
4. No Puedo Esperar
5. Salitre

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