NAPALM DEATH: Utopia Banished PUZZLE (500)


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Napalm Death’s evolution continued with “Utopia Banished”. Here the band stylistically veer somewhere between the grindcore noise assaults of their early, seminal albums and the straightforward death metal of their more recent releases. However, they also incorporate quite a bit of experimentalism into the synthesis, resulting in a curious album that doesn’t fall into any preconceived category. The band craft elaborate songs that twist and turn from section to section. A huge progression for the band after the straightforwardness of “Harmony Corruption”. Here they’ve found an interesting style to explore, to much success. Consider “Utopia Banished” to be a passingly engaging transition toward the fruitful harvest that is “Fear Emptiness Despair”.


500 pieces
Weight: 385g
Jigsaw size: 41cm x 41cm
Box size: 30.9cm x 30.9cm x 2.8cm