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Chicago’s premier garage combo The Goldstars make a roaring return to the record rack with the release of their second long-player, Purple Girlfriend.
This ten-song set not only confirms the band’s considerable skills as purveyors of hard-hitting blasts of lusty rock, but also sees the foursome raising the stakes musically.
Loud and fast, though loaded with subtle extras and bona fide world-class musicianship, Purple Girlfriend delivers a welcome jolt of straight ahead rock and roll that goes for the throat like a cold Pabst in a smoky club. Ladies and gentlemen, The Goldstars are back!


1. D.M.V.
2. No Friend Of Mine
3. Fire
4. One + One
5. Purple Girlfriend
6. Go Baby Go
7. It’s All About You
8. She’s Late
9. Angry Eyes
10. Comin’ Home Baby

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