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Party Girl album is a great mix of original high quality songs and future “classics”, like Party Girl, When You Gonna Learn, Jinx and great covers chosen to pay homage to their heroes like Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf, The Sonics and Louisiana Red. It all started in 2008, when iconic American actress Tura Satana – Varla in Russ Meyer’s ‘65 cult classic, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, asked DJ Healer Selecta (Freestyle Records) a.k.a. Yvan Serrano (Vintage Weekender/Raison D’ Etre London) to create some music for her next movie. The Dustaphonics are not a band in the traditional sense; instead it is composed of founder, band leader, music director & producer DJ Healer Selecta, who selects and assembles a specific rotating line-up of London-based singers, drummers and bass players to form a 4 piece band. The Dustaphonics bring together fans of Rhythm & Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Instrumental Surf and Soul Music. With this album they are offering a unique blend of pure positive communicative energy with great knowledge and complete mastery of the vintage sounds. This melting pot of influences, of nationalities and generations, gives the band a specific smile and twangy sound which is modern, vintage, sexy, fresh, soft and hard.Jeff Dexter – former manager of Marc Bolan / Lemmy -Motorhead / Hawkwind / Ike & Tina Turner says: “I am a fan. The Dustaphonics are real music stars, they are what many wannabes want to be; one of the best bands I’ve seen in England for years. What a great sound and energy!”


1. Eat My Dust-a-phonic
2. Burlesque Queen
3. When You Gonna Learn
4. Dearest Darling
5. Party Girl
6. Showman Twang Tiki Gods
7. Looking At You
8. Shot Down Popcorn
9. I Think I Had It
10. Tura Faster Pussycat
11. Cat woman’s Strut
12. Jinx
13. You Gonna Wreck My Life
14. Take It From Diddley

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