HANGEE V, THE: Self Titled CD


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With their black and white striped turtleneck sweaters, Vox and Mosrite guitars and sunglasses they’ll absorb you into a time-warp to the garage-carnaval of the mid 60s. Garage-punk surf fuzz-buzz with organ that take turn with reverb drenched surf instrumentals. From Cagliari, on the south coast of Sardinia the Hangee V started out in 2003 as a five piece band, hence their name, with the stated purpose to playing their favourite music, sixties garage punk and obscure instrumental surf. In these years they had a lot of gigs around Italy and in some state of Europe, in clubs and festivals like Festival Beat , Teenage Attack Festival, Booze Party, Surferjoe Summer Festival, Go Sinner Go, Primitive Festival, Prickly Peabowls, Blast from the Past and more.TRACKLIST:1. Cherry Lee2. Mirror Lies3. It’s Not Time4. Space Rats5. Go Away6. Black Cat7. Batman8. Stolen Mind9. Praise Yourself10. Show You Love

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