HANGEE V, THE: Self Titled CD


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With their black and white striped turtleneck sweaters, Vox and Mosrite guitars and sunglasses they’ll absorb you into a time-warp to the garage-carnaval of the mid 60s. Garage-punk surf fuzz-buzz with organ that take turn with reverb drenched surf instrumentals. From Cagliari, on the south coast of Sardinia the Hangee V started out in 2003 as a five piece band, hence their name, with the stated purpose to playing their favourite music, sixties garage punk and obscure instrumental surf. In these years they had a lot of gigs around Italy and in some state of Europe, in clubs and festivals like Festival Beat , Teenage Attack Festival, Booze Party, Surferjoe Summer Festival, Go Sinner Go, Primitive Festival, Prickly Peabowls, Blast from the Past and more.


1. Cherry Lee
2. Mirror Lies
3. It’s Not Time
4. Space Rats
5. Go Away
6. Black Cat
7. Batman
8. Stolen Mind
9. Praise Yourself
10. Show You Love

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