LORDS OF ALTAMONT, THE: Lords Have Mercy LP (Violet)


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REISSUE of The Lords sophomore album!

Our attempt to achieve the sound of the Sonics’ first album with extra raw drums recorded live in Long Beach, Ca. Shawn Medina (bass player) did all the guitar playing aside from Wic Coleman (close friend and honorary member) the solo for “Velvet” on a big box 100-watt JMP Marshall and a 1968 Burns Bison. Johnny had left the band after co-writing and performing most of the songs on this album.***Action was written with the plan to have Poison Ivy play the lead. It was discussed, but never became a reality. Todd Youth (formerly of Agnostic Front/Warzone/Murphy’s Law/Danzig) joined the band shortly after.


1. Cyclone
2. Buried
3. Action
4. Let’s Burn
5. She Cried
6. Velvet
7. Project Blue
8. 4.95
9. Live Fast
10. Tough As Nails
11. Time Has Come

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