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Los Peyotes is a 60’s garage punk band from Buenos Aires, they have been performing for over a decade in most of obscure venues in their home town, and also they played in the biggest European garage festivals. This is a great LP featuring their best songs over a decade of raw recordings. Their sound is fairly traditional; it features its own rendition of Farfisa organ, the Phantom guitar, Vox amps and fuzz pedals. Through their fresh compositions on Cavernicola, Los Peyotes truly do an outstanding job at gathering the best elements of each era in the genre. Their influences reveal an important dose of 60s Latin Beat, Los Yorks, Los Mockers, and Los Saicos-style, but also of 60s British punk, The Seeds, The Chocolate Watchband, and 13th Floor Elevators-style, which they mix the 80’s garage revival bands! So it is a cocktail of truly garage songs for the ones that really like it loud, fuzzy and with attitude!TRACKLIST:A1. El Corredor QuemadoA2. ActionA3. El Humo Te Hace MalA4. VampiroA5. ScreamA6. La Malvada Creacion Del Dr. IllusionA7. El Entierro de Los GatosB1. Psicosis VB2. Back Come to MeB3. I Don’t MindB4. Serial KillerB5. ConnectionB6. No Puedo Hacerte MiaBuy on iTunes StoreAvailable on Amazon

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