LORDS OF ALTAMONT, THE: The Altamont Sin LP (Tie Die Orange/White/Yellow vinyl)


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REISSUE of The Lords third album!

No Love Lost is our favourite track… originally by Joy Division but with an “Angels Hard as they come” approach. This album was as close as we were ever going to get to an “original lineup”. Johnny DeVilla came back after a hiatus, and Micheal Davis (MC5) joined the band. Recorded at Woody Jackon’s world famous studio located in Nichols Canyon, Hollywood, California. Laurent Bagnard graced us with bad ass photos of the band. Johnny DeVilla’s wife, Jamie, posed for the album cover on Eric Or’s of the Cretins Motorcycle Club Norton Commando. 


1. Intro No Love Lost
2. Living Hell
3. Hold Fast
4. Going Nowhere
5. Lightning Strikes
6. Faded Black
7. Gods & Monster (Outake)
8. Gun Called Justice
9. Ne’er Do Well
10. Driving To Fast
11. Makeout Doll
12. Altamont Sin

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