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Bored Teenagers Vol.6: 16 Great British Punk Originals ’77-’82. The bands featured are VICTIMIZE who released two brilliant and highly collectable 45’s back in the late 70’s and the interesting thing about this band is that it features ‘Bryn Merrick’ & ‘Roman Jugg’ who would eventually end up in ‘The Damned’. Next up is mysterious STEREOTYPES, blistering 1-2-3-4 style Punk Rocks tracks that have been mastered from a first generation studio tape. Then we are graced with highly collectable Machine 45 who have a great little story to tell…. Were they Punk or New Wave of British Heavy Metal? Then we have the F-X legendary EP PLUS one KILLER unreleased David Bowie cover by them… This is followed by two Gloucester based bands, the VOX PAHANTOMS and THE DEAD AIRMEN who used to gig regularly together and even recorded a split EP but sadly it was never released. Their 2 tracks have been mastered from the ONLY existing acetate that was in poor condition… THE VILE BODIES hits us next with 2 incredible tracks that are delivered to you by the unique vocals of Gary Hawkins. This band who hailed from Oxon and played the famous Roxy Club in August 77 alongside Bleach & Varicose Veins. Next up is a band from Bromley called ‘UNORFADOX’ who also played the famous Roxy Club on December ‘77. Read the bands interesting story in the booklet. Interesting facts about this band is the guitarists brother is non-other than Nick Heyward of Haircut 100 fame and the singer also had a famous brother; Mark Wynter who had a massive hit in the 60s with Venus in Blue Jeans… Last up is the magnificent Daze from outta Birmingham. Their 45 from 1979 eluded collectors for many years. Here you get both sides of this 45. Includes a 16-page A5 glossy booklet that is crammed full of rare photos and write ups by the bands themselves!!


A1. Victimize – Day I Met God
A2. Victimize – Society’s Child
A3. Victimize – Intercity
A4. Stereotypes, The – Countdown
A5. Stereotypes, The – Champagne Suicide
A6. Machine – Bored With The City
A7. Machine – Brown Eyed Girl
B1. F-X – Souths Gonna Rise Again
B2. F-X – Queen Bitch
B3. Vox Phantoms – Nothing New Under The Sun
B4. Dead Airmen – Not Only Dresden
B5. Vile Bodies – Miss Stupid
B6. Vile Bodies – Outlawed
B7. Unorfadox – I’m A Loner
B8. Daze, The – I Wanna Be A Star
B9. Daze, The – At The Seaside

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