MUTANTS, THE: Deathrace 3000 CD


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The Mutants are an instrumental rock n’ roll band based in Finland with a bunch of 7” and comp appearances under their belt. Now they have a full-length CD out and it’s a damn good one. They take the typical instrumentation of a surf band and add horns and sound effects. Then they take all of their influences and create tunes that take surf to a whole new level. Ten cuts in all – each one of ‘em an original.


1. Le Mutant
2. Indians
3. Funky Fidel
4. Mambo Mutant
5. Rustical Cuban Cigars
6. Dr. Gedup
7. HV Horror 13
8. Bungalow Boo-Boo-Boo
9. Beachwolley Mudparty
10. Agents Of The Universe

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