MUTANTS, THE: Deathrace 3000 CD


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The Mutants are an instrumental rock n’ roll band based in Finland with a bunch of 7” and comp appearances under their belt. Now they have a full-length CD out and it’s a damn good one. They take the typical instrumentation of a surf band and add horns and sound effects. Then they take all of their influences and create tunes that take surf to a whole new level. Ten cuts in all – each one of ‘em an original.TRACKLIST:1. Le Mutant2. Indians3. Funky Fidel4. Mambo Mutant5. Rustical Cuban Cigars6. Dr. Gedup7. HV Horror 138. Bungalow Boo-Boo-Boo9. Beachwolley Mudparty10. Agents Of The Universe

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