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Here’s the 3rd album for this Garage combo from Italy. With the coming of new bassist, Zara Thustra, the band adds more power and energy, keeping at the same time their distinctive arrangements and melodies. They pass the new test for sure!They are an amazing combination ‘twin of the hormone-filled importance of the Eighties Garage revival and the perfect melodies of original bands such as Downliner Sect, Kinks and Music Machine.Anyway, as all members are composers, they keep their own special style with a fresh sound alternating the vocalists song after song.


1. Misunderstood
2. Gin Fuzz
3. Almost Gone
4. We Wanna Be There
5. They Prefer Blondes
6. Senior T.T.
7. Magneto Touch
8. When I Love You
9. Out of Control
10. Monster
11. Midnight Bus
12. The Guitar That I Love

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