PRISCILLAS, THE: Superhero 7″


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Recorded with Grammy nominated producer Andy Chatterley (who’s previously worked with thePussycat Dolls, the Kills, and Kylie Minogue) “SUPERHERO” is an ode to muscle-bound dogooders everywhere. In a year when Spiderman swings high across the silver screen and“Heroes” debuts on the BBC, surely now is the time for cartoon capers! The flipside is “Y.O.Y.”, a full-on blast of punk action from the girls, spilling out of the groovesand into your heart.The UK’s top all-girl punk group, the Priscillas are a glamorous mess of lipstick, cheeky winks, broken guitar strings, big hair and impeccable eye make up – and in two short years they have carved themselves an awesome live reputation. Their shows leave audiences with huge grins, humming their catchier-than-flu tunes. Jenny, Guri, Kate and Hege have honed their shows into proper events. They’re not just the best all-girl band in the UK, but among the best bands in the country full stop. They make music to make the heart soar, the feet tap, and the jaw drop. On the cusp of rock’n’roll, punk and pop, they balance perfectly sweet tunes, sarky attitude, and romper stomping beats.The Priscillas channel all those bands that make punk rock fizzle and pop – the Buzzcocks, the Cramps, the Sonics, the Sweet, the Ronnettes, the Ramones, Adam and the Ants – and they make you remember why you fell in love with rock’n’roll.


1. Superhero
2. Y.O.Y

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