ULTRA 5, THE: Denizens Of Dementia CD


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Another New York’s band that ain’t about to get stuck in that shagged out sixties rut. Their brew consists of five ingredients, that’s three girls a guy and somethin’ otherworldly that straps itself on soon as the other parts reach room temperature. THE ULTRA 5 are plugged direct into the mains of a lumbering fuzz drenched teenage monster that’s intent on violating all that’s in its path.


1. Rock N’ Roll Doll
2. She’s The Girl
3. Fun
4. Don’t Know Why
5. Lady Orange Peel
6. Bones Walk
7. It’s A Long Way Home
8. Satan’s Angel
9. Off The Hook
10. Hell
11. The Last Ride
12. House Of Fun
13. City Of Fire
14. Cherry Mash
15. Zero Child
16. Mama Wants To Rock
17. So High
18. For You [Acoustic]
19. Gotta Be A Better Way
20. Psychedelic Soul
21. White Trash
22. Love For Tomorrow
23. My Only Desire
24. For You [Electric] [Unreleased]

Videos Clips:
1. Get Out Of My Life Woman
2. Be

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