ULTRA 5, THE: Denizens Of Dementia CD


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Another New York’s band that ain’t about to get stuck in that shagged out sixties rut. Their brew consists of five ingredients, that’s three girls a guy and somethin’ otherworldly that straps itself on soon as the other parts reach room temperature. THE ULTRA 5 are plugged direct into the mains of a lumbering fuzz drenched teenage monster that’s intent on violating all that’s in its path.TRACKLIST:1. Rock N’ Roll Doll2. She’s The Girl3. Fun4. Don’t Know Why5. Lady Orange Peel6. Bones Walk7. It’s A Long Way Home8. Satan’s Angel9. Off The Hook10. Hell11. The Last Ride12. House Of Fun13. City Of Fire14. Cherry Mash15. Zero Child16. Mama Wants To Rock17. So High18. For You [Acoustic]19. Gotta Be A Better Way20. Psychedelic Soul21. White Trash22. Love For Tomorrow23. My Only Desire24. For You [Electric] [Unreleased]Videos Clips:1. Get Out Of My Life Woman2. Be

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