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Bored Teenagers volume 12, a highly collectable series featuring some long lost punk rock gems which have been undiscovered for over 40 years. The LP comes with an A5-size booklet.This release kicks off with two bands from Slough, THE XTENSONS were the real deal, formed in ’77, recorded four tracks, played one chaotic gig and then disbanded. Next up is THE MYSTERY GIRLS who also feature one ex member of XTensions. The Mystery Girls had their recordings cut onto an acetate to keep. Five copies were cut and a couple of the band sent theirs away to radio stations, one of which was the late great John Peel. THE MEDIA released two rare and collectable singles back in 1979/80. ST. MATILDA’S BOYS recorded four tracks back in 1978 but sadly only this track has survived. SNYDE from Manchester were formed in 1977 and THE FAMOUS MEN were formed by Mystery Girls’ guitarist.TRACKLIST:Side A:1. The XTensions – London2. The XTensions – Hard Addict3. The XTensions – Leave Us Alone4. The XTensions – Suck It And See5. The Mystery Girls – Put A Bag On Your Head6. The Mystery Girls – Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby7. The Mystery Girls – You Do Too Much Talking8. The Mystery Girls – Oxford Street9. The Mystery Girls – Drofxo TeertsSide B:1. The Media – TV Kids (Demo)3. The Media – Just For You (Demo)3. The Media – Don’t Sit Back4. St Matilda’s Boys – Don’t Stare5. Snyde – Polyfilla6. Snyde – Living In Langley7. Snyde – Silicon Chip8. The Famous Men – Down By The River (Is Where I Lost My Baby)9. The Famous Men – What’s The Point?Browse these categories as well: Punk, Various ArtistsFind Us on Facebook

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