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The debut album from De Keefmen highlights a killer batch of songs filled with great grungy guitar riffs with, of course, the essential hint of the Dutch sixties Nederbiet sound. It all bolstered by the excellent raw soul voice of the singer Henri. This is an authentic sounding collection of tracks that sounds like a long-lost classic. With influences ranging from soulful and moody Otis Redding inspired beat tunes through to Pacific North West garage-punk screamers. Along with those sixties vibes the album is also at times reminiscent of bands like Dead Moon and the Wipers. And despite being a lo-fi, this record is not at all low quality. It features a number of very strong original compositions of their own alongside a couple of very well chosen covers.The gig-going public of the Netherlands voted their stage show at the VERA venue in Groningen as one of the best of 2009.  As well as being a great live act they are able to back it up with the sheer quality of their songwriting and tight performances in the studio. This is one of those albums that will be propped up in front of your record player (or CD player) for a long time to come as you will be eager to listen to it again and again.


1. Searchin’
2. Doreen
3. I Need Help
!4. Can’t You See
5. Miss You
6. Sickles And Hammers
7. The Hurtin’ Kind
8. Stop Pushin’ Me
9. Your Love Is An Illusion
10. I Wanna Tell Her
11. Mirror Of Time
12. Stop Lovin’ You
13. Be A Keefmen
14. Not The Same

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