BAD MOJOS: Passout City 10″


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Debut full-length following their spectacular 7″ No Front Teeth previous released. Heavily Spits-influenced punk rock. Killer. Formed in lovely Bern Switzerland per SMS in 2015, this is 185% Fist in Your Face Pure Punk Rock, no serious Arty Farty Stubborn Trance in the Pants Oldies Bullshit, this is Punk with No Borders, they say their influences are GG Allin and Mahatma Ghandi and they adore the Guy that will shoot Bono Vox, for the Recordings we sent them to the South of France into the hands of Lo Spider of Swamp Land Studios and they came back with the Rawest Punk Record on the marked these days.


A1. Passout City
A2. Barricades
A3. Deadbeat
A4. Fuck The Cups (And Fuck U2)
A5. Shotgun Jesus
A6. Dyed Hair – Don’t Care
B1. Around My Corner
B2. I’ve Had Enough
B3. Spacejunk
B4. Punch You In The Throat
B5. Trendy Wendy

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