HARRY SONS: Benidorm City is Burning LP


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The Harry Sons still refuse to go into therapy, so once again we get to bear witness to these four totally twisted chaps working through some real ugly issues at mind bending volume. Psycho-punk primal screaming and blistering Gestalt guitar bounce off the padded walls as these bad boys of Benidorm and Bedlam spit out their sedatives and rip up the restrainers. Twelve raw and relentless, brand new tracks of hard headed garage grind demanding you slip out of that straight jacket and into something a whole lot more uncomfortable; doctors orders.TRACKLIST:A1. No Tengo FrenosA2. Big Black CockA3. Sudor y RockA4. Sick NightA5. ElectricA6. Benidorm City is BurningB1. CSM (No Way)B2. I Sold My SoulB3. Esto Es CremaB4. Rapido y SucioB5. Australia (Outlaw Races)B7. The Supernova That Never QuitsBuy on iTunes StoreAvailable on Amazon

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