LOS VENTURAS: Paisley Beach 10″


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A shiny 10” golden vinyl covering 7 tracks that’ll guide you on a surfing trip throughout the world! On the A-side, or ‘West-Side’ you’ll find Californian and European styled beach instrumental originals as “What about Uranus”, “Beach Bunny” and “Surfers Mood” next to a skanking interpretation of an old classic “Mr Rebel”. On the B-side or ‘East-Side’, you’ll be surfing the Gulfstream and Indian shorelines with “On a Market in Beirut”, “Caravan” and “Mathar”. It’s wet, it’s hot, it’s fun, it’s paradise! Welcome to Paisley Beach!!!TRACKLIST:SIDE A:1. Beach Bunny2. Surfer’s Mood3. Mr Rebel4. What About Uranus?SIDE B:1. On a Market in Beirut2. Caravan3. Mathar

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