DEMONS: Riot Salvation CD


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The debut from Swedish punk revivalists “Demons” has all the raucous energy and plain-stated devotion to recklessness that any good outing in this genre should. The vocals are snotty, the guitars cacophonous, and the resulting wall of rock & roll sound stands up like a proud monument to musical excess. Fans of countrymen Hellacopters as well as mutual influences like the Stooges and the Sex Pistols will certainly enjoy this Gearhead Records offering.


1. Some Days
2. Clock Strikes 13
3. Riot Salvation
4. Nothing Special
5. You’re Gonna Trash Me
6. Stand Back
7. Revenge Party
8. The 69 Ways
9. Busted
10. Don’t Get Cocky
11. Hurts To Smile
12. Beat-On-Me

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