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The Germs are one of the most legendary and venerated of all Los Angeles hardcore punk bands. The roots of the group stemmed from the meeting of two minds at an alternative school in the late 1970s, when future vocalist Jan Paul Beahm, AKA Darby Crash, met guitarist George Ruthenberg, AKA Pat Smear, the latter a reformed Jesus freak. Spearheading the west coast hardcore scene, the band burst into public consciousness with an explosive performance at The Whisky in 1977 (introduced by future Go Go Belinda Carlisle and KROQ disc jockey Rodney Bingenheimer), with Crash (then known as Bobby Pyn) and Smear joined by bassist Lorna Doom and drummer Donna Rhia, this line-up featuring on debut single, “Forming.” Crash’s rambling, sneering and often sarcastic vocals were the perfect foil to Smear’s super fast thrash-guitar licks, and Smash was a dynamic frontman too,despite his volatile personality. After borrowing Weirdos drummer Nicky Beat for the “Lexicon Devil” single, debut album GI, incongruously produced by Joan Jett of The Runaways, saw the introduction of Arizona-born drummer Nicky Bolles. The band’s revered status and early innovation kept them on top of the LA punk scene heap, yet Crash ended up overdosing on heroin in December 1980, his death an apparent suicide. After releasing solomaterial in the late 1980s, in 1992 Smear was asked to replace John Frusciante in The Red Hot Chili Peppers but opted to join Nirvana instead, his presence there sparking the Germs revival that yielded the outtakes and live rarities set, Cats Clause, which includes rare live material from the Hong Kong Café, as well as material from Crash’s final concert at the Starwood in 1980, and more rare material, all accompanied by a lavish gatefold sleeve and a printed inner sleeve with rare photos and other memorabilia. Also included a 60x60cm poster!


A1. Public ImageA2. Lion’s ShareA3. Strange NotesA4. Shut DownA5. Germ’s RiotA6. Lexicon DevilA7. Other Newest One

B1. My TunnelB2. Communist EyesB3. Strange NotesB4. Circle OneB5. FormingB6. What We Do Is SecretTRACKS A1-4 recorded at the Starwood, Los Angeles, December 3, 1980TRACK A5 recorded at the Great Gasby, Redondo Beach, January 29, 1980TRACKS A6-7 recorded at the Hong Kong Cafè, Los Angeles, 1979TRACKS B1-2 recorded at Fleetwood, Redondo Beach, April 26, 1980TRACKS B10-13 from the Canterbury Rehearsal, 1979Browse these categories as well: PunkHardcoreFind Us on Facebook

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