LOS CHICOS: Launching Rockets LP


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Drop the best black music, Blues, R&B and Soul, a shot of country, a little more garage, and a pinch of punk into a cocktail shaker – not forgetting to add a little cold beer and presto! You got yourself Los Chicos, a wild powerful Rock’n’Roll party on stage. Los Chicos is a 6-man rock ‘n’ roll machine based on a swinging rhythm section that would make the dead dance, 2 guitar players mad for Wilko Johnson and Steve Cropper, a plain mad sax player, and one of the best frontmen in Spain doing the singing.


A1. Alive
A2. Tropical Ritual
A3. You Are My Sign
A4. Stop Yelling At Those Dogs
A5. Vision
A6. Don’t You Change
A7. Pirate Ship Yonquis
A8. Tomorrow’s Another Day
B1. My Head Got Stolen
B2. New Shoes
B3. Saturno Loves Me
B4. Los Chicos Party Boogie
B5. By My Side
B6. Play It For Real
B7. Sheep Attack



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