HOLLYWOOD SINNERS: We Won’t Change Our Style CD


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A trio of weird and crazy guys whose only interest is being wild and noisy, Hollywood Sinners’ music is a mixture of seventies punk rock and the craziest and funniest sixties garage band sounds. The songs are fast, loud, nasty, snotty, catchy and sweaty simple chord tight style tunes that will stick to your head like cheap superglue! And with the help of Jorge Explosion and Mike Mariconda this album has been recorded at the famous Circo Perrotti Studio who managed to translate their wildness to tape.


1. Wild Man
2. Queiro Ser Como Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!
3. I’m A Martian
4. Thinkin’ About You
5. Blow My Mind6. Boss Hoss
7. Adictos Al Ye-Ye
8. Behind Your Pretty Face
9. Treat Me Like A Fool
10. Wonderful Feeling?
11. Tame Me

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