LES TERRIBLES: Ils Sont Formidables! CD


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This band from Paris, France plays an incredible mix of 60’s garage-punk & GoGo Beat and now finally returns with their second longplayer ‘Ils sont formidables!’. The band that includes members of THE NO TALENTS, LES SYNAPSES, DUTRONC, CECILIA UND DIE SAUERKRAUTS & OPERATION S goes back to the sound of the French Beat & Roll when it was bitten by the Big Bad British Bug back in 1965. Imagine how THEM, THE SMALL FACES, THE YARDBIRDS or the early STONES wouldve sound if they were from France, never turned professionals and Van Morrison, Keith Relf or Mike Jagger were chicks. All the songs are in French, with that glamorous ‘mademoiselle’ accent!


1. Je serai terrible
2. Ce n’est pas une vie
3. Le club
4. Ne joue pas avec mon coeur
5. Ne t’en va pas
6. Tu l’as voulue Ou va-t-il?
7. Je bois trop
8. Everything’s all right
9. Mademoiselle x
10. Nager
11. Rouge
12. Ou va-t-il?
13. Une fois
14. Pas si terrible

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