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The 4th and greatest album yet from Madrid’s Rock’n’Roll machine Los Chicos is out, a band constructed from the best parts of real rhythm & blues (as opposed to the pop music that gets called “R&B” these days), raucous garage rock, gritty pub punk rock and a good measure of gospel. They put all those ingredients into the mix…and then kick the living shite out of it. Featuring a line up that makes the Cramps audience at Napa State look normal – a fast-talking, high-climbing frontman, a shaven-headed evil Doctor Pineapple, a bubble-permed bassist, and last but not least the only real twin guitar team treading the boards today, these are sounds that will get any rock’n’roll party jumping.


A1. A Band
A2. Headphones
A3. We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit
A4. Brothers From Different Mothers
A5. Manu & Piña’s Excellent Adventure
A6. Pleased To Meet Them
A7. Join Our Family
B1. I Hate Silence
B2. I Bet I Win
B3. Get A Life
B4. I Wanna Tour
B5. What’s Cookin’
B6. Not Tonight

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