JAM MESSENGERS, THE: The Jam Messengers 10″


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Way before Trash Rock there was The Workdogs, just as way before Hardcore there was The Chumps. What these bands had in common besides being absurdly ahead of their time was anarcho-vocalist Rob Kennedy. Now the loopy motor-mouthed blues poet has reincarnated yet again – this time as the Master of Ceremonies of The Stop and Shake Show – a “strip show soap opera” that features the superb musical stylings of The King of the Brazilian One Man Bands – Marco (Uncle) Butcher. Also the possessor of a prestigious rock n roll pedigree, Mr Butcher is celebrated internationally for his kick-ass work with Thee Butchers Orchestra as well as The Royal Ass Shakers. It was Marco who found Rob K through the internet and began sending his raw, earthy instrumentals to Rob as mp3 files. Burlesque Sensations from around the globe are signing on for the opportunity to grace the stage with Rob K and Uncle Butcher as part of the wild, primitive STOP AND SHAKE SHOW! Educators and Theologians have lined up both in support and in denunciation of the wanton, lascivious STOP AND SHAKE SHOW! Together Rob K and Uncle Butcher bridge continents, oceans and time zones to create a new kind of Island music that runs 24 HOURS A DAY! Comes with a Superb 2 Colors Poster.


1. Skin and Bones
2. Blindside
3. Bad Felling
4. Love Your Shoes
5. The Massage of the Jam
6. Somebody Else is in my Grave
7. Itch and Scratch
8. No Insurance

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